Lowkey Freak

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Rebel brunette teen Gina Valentina thinks she’s so hardcore, and that her shy, softspoken blonde boyfriendF, Zoey Monroe, is a boring prude. Zoey decides it’s time to show slutty Gina who the hardcore one is once and for all, by sticking her tongue down Gina’s throat. But Gina isn’t all that impressed, so Zoey does the unthinkable, throwing herself at her stepbrother, Justin Hunt, and going straight for his cock! Gina can’t believe what she’s seeing, especially when Zoey starts sucking her stepbrother’s gigantic dick. Not to be outdone, Gina joins in and Justin has the craziest day of his young life with his stepsister and her hot friend sucking on his sack. So which one of these girls will prove herself the most “hardcore” in this crazy teen threesome? Will it be the girl who can’t stop squirting, or the girl who hungrily licks it off her face?

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Locked Out

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Gina Valentina arrived at her house to find the door locked. Since she didn’t have the key, she tried to sneak in through the back. However, once she got to the back, she spotted her stepbrother jerking off in the living room! She spied on him as she masturbated outside the window. After a bit, her phone went off, this alarmed her stepbrother that she was spying on him. He brought her inside, she convinced him to fuck the shit out of her. And that’s exactly what he did! He stretched her pussy with his monstrous cock in several different positions until busting a giant load all over her face and mouth.

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