Scared Un-Straight

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Scared Un-Straight

Gina Valentina‘s parents are sick and tired of her bad girl behavior. After years of threatening to kick her out of the house, they’ve finally had enough. In a last-ditch effort to get Gina to change her ways, they hire Bonnie Rotten, a professional mediator, to try and talk some sense into their daughter. When a conversation doesn’t cut it, Bonnie resorts to more hands-on methods in an attempt to scare Gina straight – her trusty strap-on tends to do the trick! (Video duration: 39 min)

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Playing Hooky

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Perfect schoolgirls are supposed to play by the rules, but Gina Valentina is no ordinary teen girl. Curious and naturally rebellious, she decides to play a little hooky to have some personal time to relax. As she tangles into all sorts of shenanigans, she’s suddenly interrupted by a sneaky peeping boyfriend who happened to barge in at the perfect school bell hour.

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